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Our Story

Who are we

Yezchef was established to provide a helping hand to all home cooks across the globe. Think of us as a sous chef, ready and eager to assist.

I am the founder and I'd like to tell you how Yezchef came about. Growing up, my mom was the breadwinner of the family. She was also the tutor, the accountant, the cleaner and a most importantly the chef. And a damn good one at that. As a child, my day begins each day with breakfast she's prepared before work. And at night, I'd come back to a scrumptious dinner she'd rush to put together. Day in day out, without a word of complain. Fast forward to over two decades, nothing's changed. She still does that every single day.

For that I am always and eternally grateful.  Hence, I started Yezchef to extend gratitude to each and everyone of you home cooks who has tirelessly dedicated your lives to their families. Our mission today is to bring in clever tools that we believe, deserves a space in every kitchen.

These tools should make meal preparation more satisfying and at the same time, reduce the hours required in the kitchen, so that you can have the time you deserve.




We believe in loyalty to our customers, to ourselves and to these values; because not only would this ensure customers' satisfaction and but also define what would makes us successful. We don't want to benefit from you, we want to benefit with you.



At Yezchef, we strive to provide exceptional customer service that caters to your needs in an enthusiastic manner. We want to exceed your expectations and show that we care. Ask us anything, nothing's off the (kitchen) table. You know our contact, drop us an email we'd love to hear how we can help.

In the end, we just want you to feel appreciated.